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Australian Small Business Advisory Service


The ASBAS programme aims to help service providers deliver low cost advisory and information services to small business. 

At the Botany Bay BEC we are delighted to be able to help people start and grow their small businesses with the support of the ASBAS programme, an Australian Government initiative which provides funding for the subsidised provision of small business advice and support in the following areas:

Funding avenues and financial analysis

  • preparing your plan document to attract finance
  • understanding which accounting software package is right for your business
  • information on funding sources available and relevant assessment criteria
  • referral to an appropriately skilled professional for specific accounting and financial advice

 Building your business

  • initial business diagnosis to identify opportunities for growth and / or improvement
  • a clear step by step plan to achieve agreed goals in highlighted area
  • opportunity to network with other businesses to facilitate best practice sharing and mutual referrals
  • refining your pitch to attract more of the right clients to your business  

 Making the most of your talent and team

  • key areas you need to be aware of in relation to pay and conditions, the Fair Work Act and occupational health and safety
  • how to recruit successfully
  • understanding the difference between employees and contractors and which is best for your business 
  • retaining key staff
  • resources and programs available for staff training

 Management capabilities

  • optimal business structure, business planning, resources and skills inventory and gap analysis
  • sourcing specialist professional advice, including general legal, financial, trademark & licensing advice

Digital engagement implementation

  • how to leverage technology in your business, including your digital assets (website, social media platforms, mail services)
  • optimising your online profile to position your business for success
  • growing your capability to reach clients and prospects through your online platforms
  • resources for troubleshooting technology issues

Contact us now on 02 9316 5877 or to see what the ASBAS program can do for your business.


You can find out more about the broader ASBAS programme here.

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