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Got a Great Idea for a Business?

Bring it to Life through a New Venture Development Assessment with the Botany Bay BEC.

Can you make your idea work?
  • Does it solve a real customer problem?
  • Is your value proposition compelling?
  • Do you have the right pitch?
  • Can you explain the value you deliver?
  • Do you have a plan to get enough of the right customers?
This structured 90 minute session and incisive follow-up report will give you the confidence and insights needed to get your new venture off to the best start.  

Our Process works through the 5 Cs of what it takes to succeed in business.
Key Features
The BEC business diagnostic process gives you:
  • A deep dive diagnostic process that provides insights into the nine (9) core elements of your business, Including:
              - business idea
              - analysis of your current progress
              - strength of value proposition
              - financial foundations
              - scaling and sale potential
  • Direct and tailored feedback from an expert in small business development and growth. 
  • Timeline of major business development steps. 
  • A detailed report outlining key areas to focus on for optimum results.
 Let us work with you to ensure that in the next 6 months, you focus on the right things that will take your business to the next level.
 With the BEC you will get real results
Key benefits you will receive:
  • A road map to take you towards your business goals. 
  • A better understanding of your business strengths and weaknesses enabling you to pitch better and win more business. 
  • A list of clearly defined priority actions to improve, grow and develop your business. 
  • Gained personal insights that will help you develop your business acumen and your personal confidence.

Cost is $330 including gst
Call us on 02 9316 5877 or email to book your session today.


Join the BEC and get the benefits

New businesses become customers of other businesses thereby generating economic growth.